The art of being confused

What should I do after 12th medical or non-medial which stream I should join. Should I say yes to him? These are the confusion, or I would say a tip of the iceberg.

A whole lot of mess start after when your basic needs or desires are fulfilled. the mind is a creator and consumer, It needs all the things in life all the mess to keep it going.

It can’t stop even while you are meditating; it has a thought a feeling of you doing the meditation. Scientists have even found out there is action even after we pronounce you dead. The body and mind goes on doing its things.

Confusion is not separated for the mind; it’s a part of it. Confusion means you are making a decision that is about to alter your life and can impact your existence. drinking water or juice cannot be thought of significant decisions, but not taking a flight that goes to be a bad crash is one.

Note this, every decision of your life has the capability of altering your life for the better. It’s your intention that decides the nature of the outcome. We are surrounded by all these decisions every second, and every day that’s what helps our mind to be busy. Else you will have nothing to do.

In a way, that’s the best thing you can do, but the mind will go crazy; we are made for sitting free. In meditation as well, they busy your mind to some mantra or your own breathing. Then it’s the body who does the meditation, the mind it has already found its busy.

The youth is mislead by those who have achieved something. They portray a false impression that being famous is the answer to your every problem. If you are famous more people will know you. You will have more money, and reaching that destination, some take shortcuts and decisions that don’t end up well.

We ourselves have not taken up the effort to access how life has to be lived; we are living what we have inherited. We don’t take the effort of what is going on in the world, what are the other courses that my child can take and have a secure future.

Repeating a mistake that you know someone else has already made is not a sign of a healthy mind. It’s okay to make a mistake, but what are you doing to make up for that? Are you making any effort to improve your life?

Most people are not confused; they don’t know things. It’s okay not to know everything that is happening. Only the 5 % of things are relevant going around you, rest is the noise that your mind filters, like an oceans self-cleansing.

Don’t involve yourself in this decisions that doesn’t help you grow and make you a better person. All the news negative people just block everything if you can’t learn to not get influenced by it.

Take as many decisions as you can take. That will make you at high risk but will improve the quality and quantity of your life.

When you know these decisions can change a life, then take enough time to do the homework. Know everything about it, don’t go without any homework.

The best thing about life is there is no blueprint. You cannot be 100% prepared for the storm, but its better to wear gloves than to face it with bare hands.

One Line Summary – Nature has no confusion, learn order form it.

By @BalanceAlchemist

Photo by Руслан Гамзалиев on Unsplash

A Year of Publishing Blogs

Yesterday I opened the app Daywise, which manages all the notifications for me. I saw something that made me realize the journey and what I have been doing all this time.

It was from WordPress it said congratulations on 1 year of publishing blogs, and I felt something strange in me. I felt like a women who goes on working as a wife, mother, daughter, daughter in law and office employee, and yet no one appreciates her effort.

Notification from WordPress

Writing a blog is not less than giving birth to a child. You have to cultivate it very carefully free from all errors, and then you know your child will be judged and treated like a ball hit from every corner.

So I felt delighted that someone appreciates the hard work it may be just a system-generated notification. But nature gives you inspiration in strange way. I was feeling little low about the blog, then nature sends this notification that I should keep on doing what I am doing.

I want to share, at times, it’s tough to manage your busy life with blogs and other things. But we do really have that much time if you think to give up on other things to what you love.

I remember when I first started, it would take me more than a week to write the blog, let alone the editing part. It would take a month to post one blog.

Its when I started a thing on my own Daily Writing and posting blogs. I did this for about 15 days or so, and things really got escalated I had my confidence.

I have seen people they want to do something, but don’t want to take action. In their mind; they are kings and queens, and that’s where they stay forever.

Because it takes courage to take action and be open to the world that reads and gives opinions criticism to your craft.

What I learned from my daily writing is you can edit later, or you don’t want to edit; it’s also fine. but you have to first write, there is a good saying, “You can’t edit a blank page.”

Their needs to be material for you to edit, and I am proud of myself. I know the journey is much longer then I think it’s not even the quarter-mile of that journey, but I have started the walk to making dreams a reality.

I am thankful for people in my life who support me and read my rough first drafts.The journey of drafts is like a kid with little chaos to adult with sense.

Nature has given me a medium and voice I love to share my thoughts on things and circumstances, apply them to my life as well. I hope the journey will bring many more experiences and creations.

Life is strange and unexpected that made everything worthwhile. Life will not happen twice.
Enjoy every bit of it.
Thank you for reading and being part of my journey.

By @BalanceAlchemist

Photo by Morvanic Lee on Unsplash

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The Taste of Freedom

Have you tasted the freedom like a bird, a river, a mountain, nature, a flood, a tsunami? They don’t ask for your permission if they can destroy your life. The snowfall, rain, or sunlight they behave in their natural environment without any restriction.

They are at ease with their work. If you say they are non-living things, yes, they are if I take away your mind, you are also a non-living thing.

Living thing means being able to segregate, distinguish, use logic to cut the conversation into pieces. Without it, you are also a non-living thing breathing in and out.

Not using logic is not a restraint; it’s a blessing you can be at ease with everything around you. You will not try to change the original nature of things.

That is the freedom to be able to accept everything as it is and not trying to change the outside.

You don’t have to control your feelings; people say you have to be in control of the mind; can you be in control of nature? No, then you cant be in control of the mind. Its very nature is to explore is to divide things between two logic and no logic.

How can we be free from this?

For us to be free of logic and mind, we have to look inside us, how did this came to us in the first place.

Recognize what you have is a strong belief? That you can’t listen to anything about that opinion of yours, it can be religion or nation.

The very thought of people speaking ill of the nation makes your blood go wild.

For the freedom to come, you have to notice everything that is in your mind. All the good and bad thoughts all the things that the world has given you.

You may have to do the most difficult task of dropping the logic. Seeing everything as they are not judging and not improving it.

You can contribute to make the world a better place, but you can’t force someone to be loving and caring that has to come from within.

Be headless, think of yourself as headless, take all your decisions from the heart, accept whatever the world has there to offer you.

If you are late for work, worrying and denying arguing with yourself will not help in any way. It will further tense your mind to be out of control.

For some days, just be aware of the environment; listen to whatever the world has there to offer you.

See the things and note them when you lost the sense of time; what were those activities, and were they productive? It can be anything like watching youtube videos or listening to music reading doing some work. Note it.

In our lifetime, we live most of our life being anxious. We don’t have any will to do and change it, but we also want to worry about the future and dwell on the past.

With so many new things in or environment, we have fallen to a belief that we can accomplish more by doing less. With so many productivity tips and apps, we continuously keep on checking new things that will boost our productivity.

It’s not a bad thing to search for new things; change is the only constant remember, but the first priority should be action.

There should be no compromise on that part; then, if you think you need to enhance your system, you can guilt-free do it even if it involves money because that’s been put into good use.

We are here to experience life to live a life. We are not here to deduce life into an equation or into a book or into action.

Life should be experienced moment to moment while trying to be aware of each alphabet you type each word that you want to reply to.

Read the message so carefully that you start to notice what thoughts generate on reading certain people’s messages. That will spark your mood as long as you hear the notification.

But don’t stop there; don’t hinge on to that feeling or people keep moving start noticing higher things how your body feels at any moment.

Always start with the body; it will not lie to you. The mind can fake anything in this word, even orgasm, but the body tells the truth. Even in the lie detector, they see the heartbeat and the body moments and reactions to questions.

Go with the body, and when you know the truth of the body, then move on to thoughts.

One-line Summary
Action closes the door of doubt; mindful action opens the door to freedom.

By @BalanceAlchemist

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

The Chatter That Goes Inside Us

In the world full of all the feeling why we choose for ourself the bad one. In nature, there is no evil and good; it’s balance feeling.

But we have labeled it for our convenience. We label our emotions and feel good or bad about them.

The emotion is not the problem; the interpretation in our ability to see things and perceive them is. It’s contaminated in such a way that if everything is going right in our life, we tend to question.

Why everything is going right is something big going to happen? That thinking triggers thoughts and makes our reality. All we have been thinking and desiring inside of us.

If you see people who have more then you have, you will always suffer; there is no end to it. But if you see the people who have lost everything, they smile from the heart they have nothing to lose now.

We all are afraid to lose our happiness, so we try everything in our way to keep it. When you have seen the worst, you try to make the best of every situation. They are human beings, not living for suffering.

The continuous chatter that goes inside us is either negative or positive. We have learned to label things, and there is nothing neutral.

Why can’t we breathe normally, not a bit of tension or worry? Is it possible? I would say if worrying all the time is possible, then reverse is much easier. All you have to do is let go of things and people. Most people don’t give any happiness or meaning to your life and career.

Clear the chatter in mind, let go of thoughts, see them as waves one after the other you don’t try to catch the wave. You play along with the one that is there.

Wherever you spend your time and energy grows, and if you focus a little bit of energy on negative, it grows into the ocean of negative thoughts.

See it this way, for a tree to grow it can take hundreds of years, but chopping takes a few hours.

Positive feeling tests you, and it grows little by little, but once fully grown, it stays and never let go of your side.

All of the chatter inside us is either of things or the situations that went on the opposite lane.

If you have loved someone, not a temporary love. Loved like you love your parents or loved like you love your favorite God, yes, there are favorites.

Suppose the person you love is getting married to someone else what would happen to you. Some will think of it as the end of the world; they will destroy themselves.

That person may not even bother to have a thought of sympathy or sadness to hear the news. At that moment, if God asked you about your wish, we all know what a sad heart and angry mind can do.

So if we have the power to destroy ourselves and the world, then we have the power to create it too. That person is not the one whom you should make an effort or try to seek happiness in.

Tie this, the thing to your mind and heart “Material happiness is momentary shorter than the blink of an eye.”

Try to focus on the moments this moment, not that this one right here. It always changes like you are reading the words, and every word is new. The new moment with a new word you can’t goes back to the old one. Like this life is you can keep on reading, and there is no page-turning.

You can’t turn the page whatever is going on; either the scene is bringing happiness or full of sad moments. You have to keep reading and hope that at the end of the book, it’s all connected and makes an ending that’s worth living.

One line summary
“You can’t stop the traffic, you can guide them so they don’t cause a breakdown.”

By @BalanceAlchemist

Photo by Papaioannou Kostas on Unsplash

Living For The Events

Son: Get married, she told me what if I don’t.
Mother: Yes, sure this new generation of yours think they can survive on their own, but everyone needs emotional support and a partner with whom you share your life.

Mother: Sometimes, it doesn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. We all have to die one day, that doesn’t mean you stop living. At times these thoughts can get over you, as you hear the word responsibility. When you have to think about yourself, it’s okay, but when the other person becomes the priority, something changes in you.

Son: Guruji, do I need to get married and choose misery for myself?

Guru: Sure, you can survive on your own there is no need to get married, but nature has made it, so there must be a meaning in this. You can go to the Himalayas, but there is no point in living a life that is miserable because where you go, you take your mind, it’s with you always. While you are here, see every dimension of life. It’s going to end; the experience and expressions will stay on earth; you can’t take them with you.

Start living and give yourself everything life has to offer when it wants you to be a worry, then worry, and when it wants you to be happy, then don’t resist. Hug life as you would hug your beloved.

Son: Yes, that’s true, but I don’t want to live for the event.

Guru: What do you mean by that?

Son: So I have seen everywhere, even in my own being. That we live for events either its next moment or the future that may never come.

Guru: What’s the problem with that?

Son: Why can’t I live in now and leave all the events?

Guru: Events are essential. They give you a sense of doing. Why have you taken a degree or even passed 10,12? They were all events if you look back.

Only a few of them you remember now only the significant one. The problem is you don’t make whole life an event, every moment, every second.

Guruji: When did you eat last, a few hours back? What did you eat? Maybe you remember but how it tasted did you felt the aroma of food, it became a part of you. You can remember part of it, that was an event too.

Everything is an event. You just pay more attention to social events, because they are evident.

There is an event going on like lightening every microsecond. Events are not the problem, dealing with them like a machine is.

Be aware of every event that takes inside and outside you and deny or accept them consciously with the whole being than every cell of you will enjoy the process.

Son: Can’t we drop all the events?

Guru: Think about the question you are asking to drop the life itself, breathing is also an event can you drop it. Loving is also an event. The feeling is an event you can’t drop everything, then you are just a stone or even less the stone.

Even stone is sitting there enjoying. It’s ice-cold or too hot he’s not resisting what nature has to offer.

You have a mind, and you try to throw everything aside and deny life itself. That will make you more miserable you can try it for yourself.

Guruji: What if I tell you misery is self-invented. We could have lived like a man and woman, but we created and divided the natural basics into as many parts as we could. We created religion divided the lands and made people patriotic so they can die for their land that will never be there.

People saw each other dying, then how could you convince other people to die for their motherland? You honor the martyrs, make memorials have some paths on their name, and more people will be ready.

we need every kind of people to support us save us, teach us and love us you can’t drop them all.

It’s just an example. There are many around us life is itself a misery when you live life with the mind you find logic in everything.

A sane mind bothers about the working of society finds things that nobody else could see.

In the world, there will be people that can’t see the big picture, and you can’t blame them. We aren’t taught to see the big picture; we are prepared to live for the events that are highlights of our life.

Someone had made this belief familiar nowadays when you die whole life goes in a flash. May be some highlights of your life go by that too because we are resisting the death; we are not ready to accept it. We try to hold to nothing and see the misery in the last moments. We should be enjoying death, even then we are in the past, think about it.

Nature has events too. If nature didn’t want us to be involved in its creation, then why would it bother to create seasons and so much of complicated mess that we have yet to explore.

Don’t create a false belief that every event is useless. If it had been like that, nature would have wanted it the other way.

Son – It’s so much to grasp, so should I drop events or accept all of them and live a life of misery?

Guru- Why do you think life is only constrained to misery and joy if there is negative, positive there is neutral also. Life can be balanced. You need a will and effort to understand the dance of leaves, music of forest or in city crows and sparrows, honk, distant chatter, the chatter of the mind. If you think it as noise, then it will always be a noise your whole being will be noise.

Don’t worry, if you fall into old patterns. The conditioning has been deep-rooted; it will take more time then you think.

Guruji: Do you have any option other than keep on breathing and living?

If you anyway have to do it, why not do it not for dragging life towards the finish line and looking back how you resisted playing.

Events give life meaning; don’t close your eyes; open all doors. Who knows what event triggers a chain that leads to your purpose. Don’t get bothered by the dance happening around you learn to enjoy it or be a part of it.

There is one common thing in humans and animals. We all are miserable. The situations and times can be different, but misery is inevitable.

See and understand you will laugh how people create their own misery and go on hallucinating about it.

Some people have lost everything, but they have understood life is not found in sad and happy moments. Life is nature, and nature is everywhere.

By @BalanceAlchemist

Photo by Mārtiņš Zemlickis on Unsplash

Learn not to Listen

Our mind creates hallucinations and makes us do things that we don’t want to do. We are, for the most part of life, are asleep. We let things happen to us and don’t do anything about them.

As soon as we get up, we bombard ourselves with information or too much noise that we think as a part of the music. Real music soothes your soul and makes you at ease, but the taste buds of every individual are different, so that can be let off.

Humans have evolved to a very productive being from walking on 4 feet to walking on two and using one to hold the star bucks coffee and another one for browsing Instagram.

We have programmed our minds to look for techniques to do things better and differently. This programming helped us to survive the wild beasts and challenges nature threw at us.
We evolved through the ages else have been using the stones to lighten up the fire. We left the things behind adapted new ways.

But today we are in the habit of looking for ways to do things better, so we take every other advice that is there.
The information on the internet is irrelevant. Only 5 % of information is useful and needed to create the work that we want to create.

Learning everything that worked for the other person can create chaos in your life. We are left wondering whats’s the problem with me why it’s not happening with me.

Like meditation, life experiences are different for people, the outcome turns out to be different, as well.
We can’t say this worked for me, so it will definitely work for you. It won’t, one day you’ll know this. It can take a year or more than that to figure it out.

In my life, I started my Five-minute journal way back in 2017. Slowly I noticed its worth what I write, but I need to get much more concrete on what I write on.

I started with the pages, and then I told one shopkeeper to make some dairies and made templates what to write on. It went on for months. I realized it’s not helping, I am not getting much out of it. Over the period, the diaries will bundle up and probably far away from me. I won’t be able to grasp the knowledge I wanted to teach myself.
Then I read the best advice for a writer is to have a dairy always with them. I dropped all the ideas and started to write everything on that. I have it for so long that it’s practical to have one dairy for everything you do instead many and keep wondering whats where.

Five Minute Journal

Throughout history, there had been something either a sword, pistol, guns now its phone. In earlier times, we were killing our fellow humans, we are on the path of killing our self with the kind of lifestyle that we boast about.

I have decided not to listen to anybody around me, not let them control what happens in my life. I am going to do everything that I always wanted to do, like learning music, roaming places, and posting blogs. Writing for myself everything that is there in the world and in my mind.

When I was in my teenage, I wanted to learn guitar, and due to the fear of my father, I never tried it. I knew he will not be convinced, but he will always tell us to learn seeing fake reality shows on TV.

Now that I have some money of my own, I can spend it on myself and make my soul happy. Before learning or starting anything, we need to unlearn what we have learned. Just like when we are in the gym to build our new body, we have to burn the fats. The old body should go and make way for the new, the law of nature.

There is so much advice to do anything in life. If you google, you can find advice even on how to drink water or how to breathe. Understand there is too much noise. In that noise, you have to test and make sense of noise as melody.
Like after a tiring day, the breeze on the evening beach take away all your stress.

That time don’t listen to even yourself play along. I don’t know about you, but I am not an enlighted person. Most of the time, my mind makes excuses not to do things, be confused in simple things, or anxious about things that may never happen. Listen to the chatter that happens and accept the chaos that goes inside.

When you know, there is traffic, and you can’t do anything about it. You accept the situation, then only the mind stays calm, and think of solutions.

See everything afresh as your creativity has born today and let it glide through the clouds of doubt and your own limiting beliefs.

By @BalanceAlchemist

Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash


We are trying to be someone. Some are spoiled by their ego and mind and want to be above nature. They don’t remember the one who can create, can destroy too.

The society had always been like this. They don’t want you to be you. They want you to be someone you can’t be your whole life. You can try millions of life, but you won’t be close to your idol. They are created to distract you and to develop continuous chaos inside you of right and wrong.

We search for the respect everybody carves for it for some people its more than the food they eat. They are hungry for being the center of attraction.

We give people this chance by marriage and birthday celebration. That one day, you feel like a king, and for the rest of the life, you carve for the same experience. We all are like empty glasses. We want other people to fill us out by their experiences and their thoughts.

I can bet there has not been a single original thought that came to you. It’s all the repetition of experience. Last time we had an original feeling, it was in our childhood. After that, we imitate what we already know.

The people make it like a sin to think of something out of the box, I am not talking about the job. We all are creating them, but I am talking about living life.
We are so much consumed that we don’t even think why I am living life like this is there a better way.

Suppose you drank water from the nose for the past 1 year. Someone introduced the concept of drinking from the mouth would not that be so much easy.

All your life, you have been seeing the side of people who could not get help but helped everyone and got betrayed.

When your life was about to end, someone told you why you are wearing those spectacles. You are like what are you talking about I don’t know about any spectacles they take one from your nose and hand it over. That moment you realize whole life had been a lie. You saw everything from the glasses of society now. It’s very late to realize the truth.

Life is like that society hides many things from you. They simply don’t want you to know it will be a threat to their organization. They can’t afford to have a person who can think of new thoughts. They know he can destroy the foundation of lies they had set up for thousands of years.

Life is not something you enjoy in the passenger seat; you are the driver. Every decision you make about the destination, which turns to take and avoid. You decide the path of your journey that we misunderstand as destiny.

From reaching A point to B, there can be a hundred ways, but you choose what is best according to your experience.
You can keep on deceiving yourself whole life. Living for the false believes, it’s like you have been loyal to a person, but at the end of the movie, it turns out he is the villain. You had been serving the devil, but in your eyes, he was a god.

A tree doesn’t know when leaves will fall, and if he is attached to one, he can be miserable when that leaves fall. We all are leaves, and life is the time it takes to reach the surface.

Some situations are hopeless, but life is not. There is so much more in life than misery. You shouldn’t fall into your own suffering, let alone the others.

The society wants to destroy what you have. Make you into one that can be manipulated and controlled well.

Life is miserable for two people, the one who has seen the reality of life and the one who has seen nothing and wants to know the truth. The rest all are living happily without any worry. They don’t worry about changing society or change the lives of people. They want their accounts to be filled monthly; that’s their kind of peace.

The person who knows the truth is miserable because it makes sense to him why people talk about each other and not about how can they make this a better world for everyone. Why all the people want a continuous conflict in society. It’s their food they need it for survival, or it’s their kind of oxygen.

If you look at society, how messed up it is. They want to make you someone but you. They are not ready to accept your individuality. They are afraid of the secrets and flaws you can find in their system.

The person who has a lot of cash and gold in is house cant sleep peaceful. In his mind, the robbers had already planned the robbery.

Society behaves like, they have jewels that have not been discovered that can be diamond rubby, but that is a threat to a store. Who will live in the kingdom of stones if everyone has diamonds, it will be a kingdom of the diamond. It bothers the society. They want you to follow them to be stone and join them in the long wait of death.

Do your own thing. If you have to go against all the beliefs and knowledge you have accumulated over the years, do it, it is worth it.

Seeing a bird flying, others also follow him and spread their wings in a dark cloudy evening with thunders rumbling and ready to take you down. Still, you are determined and see your destination very clearly. You are prepared to fly and let others also follow the path and break the cage they have been living all their life.

By @BalanceAlchemist

Photo by Paul Gilmore on Unsplash